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walker's open!
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touchdown! i asked you not to do that. pfft! pfft! you, too! max, i'll smack you bald-headed if you keep disturbing the guests! max! don't do that. come on, max. please. when we get to that lake, you'll lose me for a week. you relax and enjoy yourself. i'll handle this assignment myself.
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sounds great. a week of fishing. there you go with a cigarette again. will you leave me alone? it's my vacation. let me enjoy myself. [thunder] thanks a lot. i didn't do it. you mean? mm-hmm. he must really care about me, the way he worries. could be. why else would he put my cigarette out? maybe he's not anxious to have you up there.
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can i help you, mr. glidden? we'll be checking out today. right now, actually. i'm sorry to hear that. is anything wrong? well, yes. it's your grandson. with ball-bouncing and skateboarding at all hours, we feel like we're interrupting his vacation. it's best we check out. i apologize for the inconvenience. i'll refund the balance. thank you. send me the bill. again, i'm sorry. libby, we have to do something with max. we can't have him driving customers away. i know, mother. kids go through phases. i mean, lord knows you did. but not like this. if this continues, you'll have to send him to military school.
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that is not an alternative. he's had enough upheavals in his life. his grandfather dies. his father takes off like a bird after some dream. he needs love, and to be around us. not military school. i hope you're right, dear.
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you coming in? think i'll take a walk and dry off. see you later. excuse me. i'm jonathan smith. would you fill this out, mr. smith? it's jonathan. pleasure to meet you... libby. libby. get in tight with the locals. they know the good fishing spots. i had to drag it out of earl. that guy's shy.
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yeah, i know. what do you mean, you know? libby and earl-- the couple i'm supposed to get together. why didn't you tell me? because you're on vacation. oh, yeah. that's right. reach down and get me a nice, juicy night crawler. here. you do it. a little squeamish, huh? no. i just don't want to be part of killing one of his creatures. think i'll use a lure.
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any luck? not even a nibble. my friend's a little bitter. how about a cup of coffee? that sounds good. you go ahead. i'll talk to earl about his great fishing spot. i'll clean up and meet you in the restaurant. sure you don't want coffee? no. you go ahead. see you later. i don't want coffee, i want fish!
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mark's the fisherman. i'm along for the ride. there's something calm and peaceful about boats. you're lucky to live here. it is lovely. occasionally i take it for granted, something i thought i'd never do. taylor, my ex-husband, preferred city life, one of the many reasons we're not together. are you married? no. got my lunch ready, louise? it sure is. i'll get it.
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if he doesn't catch a fish, he'll probably throw himself off a bridge. earl, how you doing? hi, there. how are you guys? we're just fine. my friend mark will be hounding you for more fishing information. he already has. i understand his feelings. sorry for the inconvenience. don't worry about it. how you doing, libby? good, earl. that shower rod in room six stay put? the way you fix things, it will be up long after we're gone. earl! here you go. that's my order. see you later. take care of yourself. he seems very nice. yeah. he is a sweet guy. he...uh...
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he your boyfriend? earl? no. more like a brother. pretty nice day out. how about going for a boat ride? in the name of not taking our environment for granted? exactly. you never let me down before. i'll use a surface lure. [laughter] yeah. he invited all of us. but after max's recent behavior, he doesn't deserve a dinner out. you just met him. i don't trust him.
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you're so suspicious. it's just dinner. he's a nice guy. he's too flattering. what's wrong with flattering? i kind of like it. max, dinner in 20 minutes. pretty dressy.
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libby said it's a nice place. uh-huh. what do you mean, "uh-huh"? you're a guy-- at least you used to be. i still am. the ladies go for you, and uh... and uh...what? you ever think about settling down? you know, getting married? enjoying the flutter of little wings around the house? that's impossible and you know it. then what are you doing? first the lake, now dinner. it's part of my job. earl will be jealous and he'll step forward. libby's just a friend. fine. whatever you say. see you later.
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that's true. honey, go in and have your dinner. bedtime's 9:30, and mind grandma. ok, ma. see you later, max!
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where you been? i'm sorry. i didn't mean to wake you.
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well, you did. for somebody who doesn't eat, you spend a long time at dinner. we talked for a while. what did you do with the rest of the while? believe it or not... we danced. she must have liked that. you angels are light on your feet. oh, cute. i'll tell you something, that earl's a lucky man. yeah. if it works out. why wouldn't it work out? what are you asking me for? you're the angel, remember? i'll see you tomorrow. yeah. i'll see you in the morning.
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can i help you? fill it up. almost ran out of gas last night. would have been embarrassing with libby along. she might have figured i was pulling a teenage trick. we stopped by here, but you were closed. we're open till midnight. we were dancing till way after 1:00. hey, earl, try to get some in the tank. oh. sorry. libby's quite a woman, isn't she? you known her long?
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quite some time. ever make a move on her? a move? yeah, a move. nice-looking woman living right down the road. libby thinks of me as a friend. you ever ask her out? i took her and her mom to dinner. her and her mom? you sure this is going to work out? what? i like working out. feel like throwing a football later? max would like it. i'm not good at that. you might surprise yourself. that kid doesn't like me. how do you know he doesn't like you? he sasses me. you know how kids are. probably doing it for attention. maybe he's doing it to see if anybody cares enough to say no. suppose so.
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here you go. thanks. if you your change mind about football, libby and i should be back about 4:00. have a nice day, earl. want to throw it now? 4:00, remember? could i ask you something? sure. about the tire? how did you know? intuition, i guess. it was flat. i saw it. you not only saw it, you did it.
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didn't you? yeah. it won't work on those. they're automatic inflatables. the newest thing. i never heard of them. bet earl doesn't know about them. many things earl hasn't heard about. when you drove out, the air went out of my football. you're kidding me. isn't that weird? "do unto others as they do unto you" works both ways. huh? it's probably a coincidence. yeah. it had to be. see you at 4:00. you got it. hi, mark. how you doing? how did it go with earl? not too well yet. this job will take longer than i thought. you're welcome to go horseback riding. i don't think so.
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i'll be out pulling in 5-pounders. it's my vacation. see you later. good luck. an hour in the primo spot and nothing! oh, no! no! oh, no! no! why me, god? that's why.
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all right. i quit. it's a pretty spot. i used to come here when i was a kid. taylor and i brought max up. he sat on an anthill and screamed like the dickens. i should bring him back up. what happened between you and taylor? we married too young. this is where i'm most comfortable.
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in the city, taylor was like a kid at christmas. opportunity. money to be made quickly. different people. he never wanted to come back. he didn't even want to look back. he was embarrassed about being a small-town boy. even in the city, this is who i was. love will stretch so far, i guess. you're a lot like him. oh, i don't think so. he wasn't all bad. in that case, it's all right. i meant you're fun to be with. so are you. i'll miss you when you go. who knows when that's going to be.
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i can't leave until mark catches a fish. right. i... i think we ought to get back. i promised max we'd throw the ball. you're right. we better go. i really meant what i said about missing you. are you ready?
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sure. toss one. want to watch? ok. earl, how are you? you said come over. here you go. come on, throw it! hey, nice toss! you're right. i surprised myself. i told you. come on, max, throw me one! all right! i didn't know you played football. yeah. years ago, though. jonathan, throw it! holy cow! what a bullet! are you ok, earl? yeah, fine. fine. what are you, pro? that was an nfl ball!
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you're sure you're all right? yeah, sure. i'd better get back. could be some late traffic coming through. come on, max, throw one.
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so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights. i don't want to discuss it. what? come on, you know what i'm talking about. i couldn't believe myself today. i saw earl coming, and i thought, "it's working out. everything will be fine." i even gave him the stuff. then i looked at libby, and... and i wanted to be a big man.
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i saw that and was disappointed in you. i don't blame you. let me finish. i was disappointed in you. then i thought, what right do i have to judge you? you're always talking about judging people. don't we all have the right to make mistakes--even angels? no. i'm here to help people, not worry about my own feelings. you're probably right. last thing the boss wants down here is somebody who falls in love or gets jealous. this is no place to act like a human being. the boss had a choice. he could have filled this place up with r2-d2s, but he didn't, jonathan. he sent you. maybe all of this is for you, jonathan.

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